Self-Censorship by Film Studies Faculty

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In the current extreme “Politically Correct” climate, Film Studies faculty members may be at special risk because so many of our canonical (and non-canonical) movies may be considered “controversial” or even “offensive” to some groups and individuals. In fact, I have witnessed several such incidents in my 40+ years of teaching cinema and over 10 years of chairing Film departments.

Many, including myself, have taken to self-censorship in the choice of film texts, required readings, and even verbal statements in the classroom. (According to The Atlantic, the University of California has declared the term “melting pot” as a “micro-aggression”).

Here is a link to a Web page; the first two entries are (1)  a brief outline of the circumstances under which I was forced to resign an adjunct Full Professorship at CCNY:


a brief Wall Street Journal article about Faculty Self-Censorship (with some information on a case that involves me):


Film professors are particularly vulnerable to charges of “political incorrectness” because of the controversial nature of many films in the canon.